The exhibition “The Window of Jendela” at OHD Museum is a unique form of cooperation between the most prominent artist in Indonesia with Indonesia’s leading collectors. What makes this show unique?

  • Through the exhibition “The Window of Jendela”, OHD Museum (Oei Hong Djien) re-affirm its existence as a museum that aims to educate the public about Indonesia modern and contemporary art history.
  • The exhibition “The Window of Jendela” is a vote of confidence from the Kelompok Jendela to OHD. The Kelompok Jendela express their support not through words but through real work.
  • OHD Museum gives Kelompok Jendela the freedom to express and windows to pass the rigid boundaries are usually set by a museum.

Exhibition Highlight: Melihat Bumi (2012) by Rudi Mantofani and 12104 (2012)by Yusra Martunus.

The exhibition at OHD Museum is a very unique event where five well-established artists put their differences aside to show support to their patron and friend dr. Oei Hong Djien. This exhibition is the third exhibition since OHD Museum opened to the public and is the 9th exhibition of the Jendela Group after a 3 year hiatus. The exhibition is quite unique and full of surprises. This exhibition symbolizes friendship and freedom of expression.

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