During our recent investigation, we found out some interesting facts about doubtful paintings of Anak Agung Gde Sobrat in the auction records. On 1 Apr’01, in Sotheby’s, a portraiture was sold for US 7,205 (Lot#34). Eleven years afterwards – on 29 Jan’12 – a very similar portraiture was auctioned by Auction House “M” and sold only for US 2,860 – 60% less from the price in ’01 (see Case 1).

In Case 2, Sobrat‟s painting which is a collection of Bentara Budaya Bali is detected to have two similar copies. First one, Lot#18 (Christie’s: 27 Mar’94) was sold for US 22,100. 4 years later, the exact same painting was sold with only a slight increase in price for US 23,752 (Christie’s: 4 Oct’98). Second, by Auction House “L”, a very similar painting was auctioned on 6 Mar’10 and sold for only US 17,160 – 28% less than the price in ’98.

As awkward as it is, even though in both case studies we can notice a very big difference in pricing, both paintings were sold. Here, we are making analysis of these doubtful Sobrat‟s paintings and giving 10 advices so that collectors won‟t fall for the same trap no more. Buyers, beware..!

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