On May 24, 2012, Sarasvati Art Management with media partner, Tempo, hosted the “Fine Art Round Table Discussion: Indonesian Modern Paintings”. The event took place at the multifunction room of the National Gallery from 08.30 – 15.00 and was attended by various stakeholders and figures in the Indonesian art world. The attendance of more than 150 participants from Jakarta and outside of Jakarta makes this forum an important milestone in Indonesian art history.

Key Highlights 

• dr. Oei Hong Djien (OHD) claimed that at this moment no paintings in the OHD Museum collection has been proven beyond reasonable doubt to be fake.

• OHD is open for enquiry as long as the statements are (1) based on good faith (2) conducted in dignified manner (3) no conflict of interest and (4) based on competence.

• If later the accuser can prove that the painting is fake beyond reasonable doubt, the OHD Museum has agreed to remove the painting from the display of the museum.

• Museums carry high importance for educational purpose, as such at this point none of the OHD Museum painting has been proven beyond reasonable doubt to be fake.

• Some parties including the son of Sudjojono’s, businessman Budi Setiadharma, academician Aminudin TH Siregar raised some question about Sudjojono’s painting. These claims generate a healthy discussion with dr. Oei and also other respondents. However, the findings were not conclusive.

• OHD museum will initiate its own study regarding some of the paintings which were questioned by conducting enquiry with art historians, art researchers, conservators, artist family members and an institute in Belgium.

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