After three years, finally Jendela Art Group (KSRJ) will be doing another exhibition. KSRJ members are Yunizar (b. 1971) and Jumaldi Alfi (b. 1973) who studied in the painting department, Rudi Mantofani (b.1973) dan Yusra Martunus (b. 1973) who studied in the sculpture departmen, and Handiwirman Saputra (b. 1975) who studied in the wood craft department.

The title “The Window of JENDELA” was decided together during the discussions leading the this exhibition. On behalf of KSRJ, Jumaldi Alfi said, “It has been a while since KSRJ’s last exhibition. Lately, it is even difficult for us to meet as everybody is busy on their own. Since this is a museum show, everybody seems to be excited. We want this exhibition to not only be another chance to ‘read’ our works, but to also educate people.”

OHD Museum

Jl. Jenggolo 14, Magelang


Exhibition : December 8, 2012 – April 30, 2013