Wise men say that is easier to build than to maintain. Not overstating, just as Galeri Hadiprana turns 50 this year, its achievement and capability to survive should really become a role model. By observing the persona and the history of Hendra Hadiprana, the man who founded Galeri Hadiprana, this article is trying to view what is behind the extraordinary resilience of this gallery. Hopefully this could serve as an inspiration to other galleries and to institutions that we nurture to reach the age of 50, and even more.

Key Highlights 

Based on our observation, there are three major factors which support Galeri Hadiprana’s 50 years of productivity:

1. The earliest who started 

  •  Galeri Hadiprana, initiated by Hendra Hadiprana, is considered to be one of the oldest galleries in Indonesia.
  •  The gallery which pioneered the fusion of interior design and artwork.

2. Quality of productivity 

  •  The quality of selected artwork.
  •  The quality of managed artists.
  •  The quality of exhibition.

3. Innovation which combines various elements in art 

  • The combination of aesthetic elements in variety of business lines becomes a fine concept and strategy of the company.
  • Hadiprana Art Center initiates the step to support fine art infrastructure by educating children to have passion in arts since their early age.

The earliest who started 

The sound of water streaming in the pond guided our steps entering the front door of Hendra Hadiprana’s residence, who is familiarly called Om Henk. His living room is decorated with paintings of Srihadi, Ida Bagus Made, Mokoh, and other renowned artists. Beautiful gebyok with perfect detail emblazoned in front of our eyes, and behind the windows, the garden and the water of the swimming pool appeared like crystals in the sparking sunlight. In this house, the modern-ethnic nuance which is the specialty of Hadiprana’s interior design seem to be very soothing, signifies the tranquil life of Om Henk today, enjoying the suceess which he achieves after not less than 50 years of productivity.

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