I Ketut Ginarsa took painting seriously when he started to learn from I Wayan Djudjul in 1970-1973, just after he finished his elementary school. Born in Tebesaya, Ubud, in 1953, Ginarsa is well known for his style of playing with composition and symmetrical forms. His objects are generally depicted in the centre of his canvas. He is also good at expressing himself through vivid colours.

Goddess Sarasvati often appears as a popular theme in his paintings. Other than Sarasvati, Ginarsa also paint dancing scenes (Legong, Baris, and Barong dance), and daily life scenes. He participated in many exhibitions, including the one at Bentara Budaya Jakarta (1985) and Selaksa Daya Rupa in Jakarta (2002). One of the more established painters in the island, Ginarsa is a mentor of some talented younger painters, such as I Nyoman Nurtika and I Made Mudra, his son.

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