Born in June 16, 1964 in Yogyakarta, Pupuk was graduated in 1994 from Faculty of Arts and Design in Indonesia Institute of Arts (ISI),Yogyakarta. He undoubtedly has contributed a significant role in the development of Indonesian contemporary art scene. Although heavily playing on contemporary and modern ground, Pupuk has always used simple and earthy themes in his paintings. Daily life, surroundings, a corner street in his hometown, becak rider, and even his own wedding day has become an inspiration on the canvas! His strength, however, particularly lies in the bold lines and scratches that gives his paintings certain kind of impression and emotion.

Pupuk has held numerous exhibitions (both solo and group exhibitions) in Jakarta, Yogyakarta, Bali, and Singapore. In 1997, he became a finalist of Philip Morris Art Competition. His paintings are collected in museums and galleries across the country, and are also well sought in various prominent auction houses. Pupuk DP, as he is affectionately called, is now considered to be one of the best contemporary painters in Indonesia.

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