“… the works of art that have been registered at the museum, whether they are my own works or works by other artists cannot be bought and sold, nor can they be subject to a change-of-hands, by my children and offspring, or by anybody else. What belongs to the museum should stay the property of the Museum H. Widayat.”

 This is a hand-written mandate from Haji Widayat, made in 2001. On Thursday, 10 January 2013, Musem H. Widayat is no longer a museum of Widayat’s works of art as it was robbed off its main assets.

Museum H. Widayat is a museum founded by the artist, which is also the most far-reaching museum housing the most collection of works by an Indonesian artist. This museum is the fruit of the artist and his second wife, Mrs. Soemini Widayat’s “relentless struggle”. Museum Widayat is sited on a large land, with a complete collection and a comprehensive operational plans. This museum surpasses Museum Affandi, Museum Dullah, Sudjojono Centre, Musuem Barli, Museum Le Mayeur and Museum Blanco. This museum is one of the two main attraction visited by tourists on their way to Borobudur, Magelang.

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