Renowned as an artist who articulates women social issues through her sculpture, Dolorosa Sinaga’s sixth solo exhibition, Menarilah! Dance Your Life at Galeri Cipta II, Taman Ismail Marzuki, is running from 14 to 30 June 2013. The exhibition presents dancing gestures as metaphors that usually envelop women’s realities. 


Initially, Dolo – as Dolorosa Sinaga is usually known – often goes to many traditional and contemporary dance performance in numerous cities and countries. From the experience, Dolo not only enjoys dance, but also stores the memory and turns it into sculpture. Behind this, Dolo wishes to show how in reality women are demanded to remain fluid in facing their lives as well as all the social obligations that surround them.

  • As a sculptor, Dolorosa frequently makes the body and women as her main focus. If previously Dolorosa often presents “tension” in her sculptural works, this time, the artist born in Sibolga, North Sumatera, 31 October 1952 is presenting forms and gestures that are beautiful and evocative. According to her, through this beauty, Dolo wishes to give hope for many people amid the increasingly unpredictable situation in this country.
  • Not only an artist, Dolo is also a lecturer. Her career journey as an artist cannot be separated from her concern over social issues. Her decision to focus on women issues in her works was triggered by the May 1998 Tragedy, where she saw many cases that oppress women. Now Dolorosa is known not only as an artist, but also a lecturer in her alma mater – Jakarta Art Institute (IKJ) – and an activist.
  • Dolo’s position in the art market does not revolve around national or international art markets. But embassies, art institutions, galleries, and 25 private collectors collect her works. Here we can see how sculpture still has its own exhibition space, not only as monuments in urban public spaces, but also in personal spaces.

Dolorosa Sinaga is one of the few female sculptors in the country. Her position is established and she is considered a senior with her mature concepts and characteristics. In her latest solo show, Dolo presents female figures in dancing gestures. Through these works, Dolo displays not only a new direction in her theme, but also in terms of her material. Despite this, the flat figures that are her characteristics still remain. Through these enticing figures, Dolo shows one of her sources of inspiration, the world of performing arts. Through the exhibition, we may see the relation between performing and visual arts, giving an interesting space of interpretation for her work.

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