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When the Roles of Collector and Curator Cross-over

Curatorial works play an important role in art scene. This position connects the functions of artists, galleries, collectors and the public. Sometimes a curator is also responsible in implementing the whole chain of work. He or she sets up the theme, chooses the artists, selects the artworks, sets up the arrangements and writes the...

Conserving the Historical Value of a Masterpiece

Each artist has his or her masterpiece, according to his or her own version or to the critics and observers. What are the indicators used to conclude that certain work of arts is a masterpiece? When a masterpiece has its historical value, how conservation contributes to its preservation? Highlight: There is no doubt that Sindudarsono Sudjojono...

Dermawan untuk Darmawan: A Charity That Didn’t Overlook Selling Value

Nadi Gallery organized a charity art exhibition for artist S. Teddy Darmawan who, on November 27, 2012, underwent a tumor operation. Participated by 25 artists who are close friends with Teddy, the exhibition displayed the latest trends in the world of contemporary arts in Indonesia. Highlight: Exhibitions are not only organized to showcase an artist’s achievements...

Bridging Two Worlds Exhibition: When Art Deciphers Interior Needs

Galeri Hadiprana organized an exhibition of the works of 7 modern Balinese painters from 17 February 2013 to 16 March 2013. The seven artists have a long-standing relationship with Hendra Hadiprana, owner of Galeri Hadiprana as well as a number of interior projects. Many of the artworks, from paintings, sculptures and installation, are exhibited...

Reaching for Buyers by Reducing Buyer’s Premium

Three Indonesian auction houses held their auctions at the same time as Art Stage 2013 in Singapore. These auctions were intriguing as one of them, Auction House 33, put an 18% Buyer’s Premium on sales up to S$250.000. Other auction houses were still playing at 22% from works sold on the hammer price. Does...

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