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Weighing Up Burden in Jumaadi’s Works

Pain and suffering are not always terrifying or ugly. There are a number of works that purposefully take suffering as its subject matter. Take, for example, the painting Pieta with St. Jerome and Santa Maria Magdalena by Pietro Perugino, or an even more extreme example of the terrifying, the slab of beef in Chaim...

The Philosophy of Peony Flowers According to Sidik Martowidjojo

In arts, Sidik Martowidjojo is inspired by the strength and grace of Peony flowers According to the legend, during the reign of China’s first and only empress, Wu Zetian, all flowers in the royal palace garden were ordered to bloom. It was during the winter, not in spring. So it was impossible for the flowers...

As the Year of the Dragon Commences, the Fortune Arises

Happy Lunar New Year! As the year of the Dragon sails in, may our days be filled with courage and determination to accomplish this year‟s goals and resolutions. We wish for a continuous rise of the art market and an immense success for the artists, both in their artistic achievement as well as their...

Dear Curator Curate Me: One Exhibition, Multiple Readings

A project by the Philippine artist, Kristoffer Ardeña, that sought to answer questions dealing with the relationships between curators, artists, and the galleries that manage them. "You might ask an artist to explain his art, or ask a poet to explain his poem. It defeats the purpose. The meaning is only clear thorough the search." (Rick...

GREY Exhibition – When Art Faces Uncertainty

Heridono, Main Bola (Soccer) Talenta Organizer, art management and art event organizer – set up an art exhibition titled Grey, as a continuation from the previous exhibition of Orientasi 20+ (Jogya Living Artists) in December 2012. Grey is organized in one of the biggest shopping mall in Central Jakarta – Grand Indonesia Shopping Town, 13...

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