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Komitmen Naif Erica

Erica Hestu Wahyuni, Vacation in Prosperity, 2003, acrylic on canvas, 150 x 200 cm Masih ada gajah, figur bertumpuk, ramai, dan kekanak-kanakan dalam karya-karya Erica Hestu Wahyuni.  Konsistensi sering kali dimaknai sejumlah perupa dengan cara mempertahankan bentuk dan gaya karyanya. Terutama untuk para perupa yang telah memiliki pasar (kolektor) tetap. Salah satunya Erica Hestu Wahyuni. Sejak...

Delving into Jakarta Contemporary Ceramics Biennale: From Mapping to Exploration

Held for the second time, Jakarta Contemporary Ceramics Biennale (JCCB #2) sets to affirm ceramics as an important media to be observed in contemporary art. What distinguishes JCCB #2 with its theme of Crafting Identity from JCCB #1 two years ago?  Highlight: Whereas JCCB #1 attempted to map out the latest development from artists who use...

Jendela at OHD Museum: Friendship And Freedom Of Expression

The exhibition “The Window of Jendela” at OHD Museum is a unique form of cooperation between the most prominent artist in Indonesia with Indonesia’s leading collectors. What makes this show unique? Through the exhibition “The Window of Jendela”, OHD Museum (Oei Hong Djien) re-affirm its existence as a museum that aims to educate the public...

Andi’s Gallery: Responding Relentlessly

Still standing there after over 20 years: Andi’s Gallery, at Tanah Abang 4, Central Jakarta. How does an art gallery that began from the building of its owner’s house, on that humble street, withstand time and the strong tides of the Indonesian art world, while many of its contemporaries folded one by one? Armed with his experience...

Galeri Hadiprana: 50 Years and Getting Stronger

Wise men say that is easier to build than to maintain. Not overstating, just as Galeri Hadiprana turns 50 this year, its achievement and capability to survive should really become a role model. By observing the persona and the history of Hendra Hadiprana, the man who founded Galeri Hadiprana, this article is trying to...

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