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Raden Saleh’s Book Launch: Awakening Raden Saleh

After six months, Raden Saleh returns to Jakarta in another form. Not only through his paintings, as in the exhibition “Raden Saleh and the Birth of Modern Indonesian Painting” at National Gallery Indonesia, Jakarta 3–17 June 2012 – a record–breaking art exhibition that drew in the most visitors: 20 thousand people. Raden Saleh came...

Jendela at OHD Museum: Friendship And Freedom Of Expression

The exhibition “The Window of Jendela” at OHD Museum is a unique form of cooperation between the most prominent artist in Indonesia with Indonesia’s leading collectors. What makes this show unique? Through the exhibition “The Window of Jendela”, OHD Museum (Oei Hong Djien) re-affirm its existence as a museum that aims to educate the public...

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