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George W. Bush Pamerkan Karya Lukisnya

Ternyata mantan Presiden George W. Bush memiliki bakat terpendam di bidang seni. Saking terpendamnya, sampai ia baru bisa memamerkan karya-karya lukisnya setelah pensiun sebagai Presiden Amerika Serikat. Pameran perdana ini dikabarkan George W. Bush Presidential Center di Dallas, Texas, bahwa ia akan memajang “lebih dari dua puluhan lukisan yang belum pernah dipamerkan” dalam sebuah pameran...

The Philosophy of Peony Flowers According to Sidik Martowidjojo

In arts, Sidik Martowidjojo is inspired by the strength and grace of Peony flowers According to the legend, during the reign of China’s first and only empress, Wu Zetian, all flowers in the royal palace garden were ordered to bloom. It was during the winter, not in spring. So it was impossible for the flowers...

Exploring the Meaning of a Broom

Eleven young artists from Bandung were challenged to create works from a spoken agreement of taking up a theme from a banal object, which they turned into something meaningful. Creativity does not necessarily come from grand and fantastic things. Things and events that are considered unimportant, insignificant, and banal may also be a source of...

Reading the Universe in the Pages of A Book

Communicating personal concepts to the public will always be a source of struggle for an artist, especially in choosing what idiom will be used. This is why the success of a work may be measured by whether or not an audience is able to bring out a certain meaning, by appreciating its idiom. In...

As the Year of the Dragon Commences, the Fortune Arises

Happy Lunar New Year! As the year of the Dragon sails in, may our days be filled with courage and determination to accomplish this year‟s goals and resolutions. We wish for a continuous rise of the art market and an immense success for the artists, both in their artistic achievement as well as their...

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