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Tracing Dipo Andy’s Technical Exploration

For Dipo Andy, technical exploration is an artist’s endless journey One indicator used to appraise an artist is through his or her technical mastery. It can be concluded that technical mastery enables an artist to explore various themes and create good quality of artworks. Dipo Andy aims to showcase this, by emphasizing on technical exploration...

Interfere the Relation between Man and Nature through Concepts

Twelve artists play between the domain of arts and science at the Beast/Bloom for Thee: Biota Etc, Canna Gallery English Statesman and poet, Robert Bulwer-Lytton, said art and science have their meeting point in method. It is from here that we can find Leonardo Da Vinci’s excellence, who according to American computer expert, Ben Shneiderman,...

Photography Exhibition Art Deco Kiwari: An Effort towards Preventing a Historical Amnesia

There are many ways to regain public awareness about the history of their city. One of them is through creating art events. This is what Roemah Seni Sarasvati aims to do, by organizing a photography exhibition titled Art Deco Kiwari. The exhibition, which was organized in conjunction with the inauguration of Roemah Seni Sarasvati, was...

Traces of Islamic Spirituality in Kitamura’s Steel Engraving

With the technique of steel engraving from his country, Yasutaka Kitamura exhibits calligraphic works with Islamic themes. Artists often raise issues about spirituality in their works. We are aware that there are many artists who create works out of the initiatives of the religious institutions they belong to, or especially dedicate their faith in the...

Weighing Up Burden in Jumaadi’s Works

Pain and suffering are not always terrifying or ugly. There are a number of works that purposefully take suffering as its subject matter. Take, for example, the painting Pieta with St. Jerome and Santa Maria Magdalena by Pietro Perugino, or an even more extreme example of the terrifying, the slab of beef in Chaim...

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