By Elka Shri Arya

Painterly painting is apart of abstract expressionist movement (The New York School) since post-World War II, which is namely New York painting – also developed in Europe in Paris (School of Paris) and other important living artist around Paris in that periode. Painterly painting has become important part of painting education because painters, public and students can studying more of element of painting.

This solo exhibition is the first show case from Mr. Elka Shri Arya which is called The Illusions painting project. Elka will presenting the most painterly painting in his painting periods who capture the universal theme, ‘mother’. The term ‘mother’ in his paintings is developed by the idea about Indonesian contemporary painting who relate to motherland of culture as a global subject matter. The important symbols and signs upon his colorist experimentation are a native notion that connecting to the ancient religion/belief in Java (Indonesia), India, Tibet and other Asian culture. And Elka’s painting showing what it is his vision about Indonesian culture in Indonesian contemporary painting who is related to the ancient belief through the very contemporary, instead, it is revealing the first stage of establishment of of postmodern art scene.

Mr. Elka show us how is his painterly paintings covered by many symbols of Javanese and Balinese culture and it’s ancient native story more about Majapahit. Beautiful landscape is mostly appear as non-decorative composition nor narrative forms because the illusions of colors, shapes and figures in his painting it is an abstraction and quite strong to see as dynamic visual perceptions.

The paintings process and the exhibition curated by Argus FS, an emerging idea based curator and multimedia artist who live in Ubud and mostly traveling to Java. About Artist. Mr. Elka Shri Arya is a traveling idea based artist who known as contemporary artist based on choreographer and contemporary dancer, music composer, painter.

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Exhibition: April10, 2013