Still standing there after over 20 years: Andi’s Gallery, at Tanah Abang 4, Central Jakarta. How does an art gallery that began from the building of its owner’s house, on that humble street, withstand time and the strong tides of the Indonesian art world, while many of its contemporaries folded one by one? Armed with his experience as a “true salesman”, Andi Yustana, the gallery’s founder and ownder said: “If every element of the art industry (such as the artists, curators, galleries and clients) are satisfied, and we have a clear vision of the future, continuing to renew ourselves and break boundaries, while holding on to the supply-and-demand economic chain; then this industry will create its own balance.”

Key Highlights

Based on our observation, there are few factors which support Andi’s Gallery 20 years of success and existence:

1. Standing on Top of Two Pillars of art (production and distribution; modern and contemporary art)

2. Able to Read Market Trends Accurately

3. Providing a selection of arts

4. Making Client-Satisfaction a Priority

Standing on Top of Two Pillars

This friendly, modest-looking middle-aged man welcomed us into a room filled with works by modernist masters such as Srihadi Soedarsono and Nyoman Gunarsa. The same room also houses bronze sculptures of afro-haired youth and pigs by Putu Adi Gunawan as well as Syaiful A. Rahman’s acrylic painting of Angelina Jolie, two contemporary artists – as well as the sculptor Edi Priyanto – who have worked together with Andi within the last few years. “Back then, in 1992-2001, Indonesia’s most celebrated photorealist painter, Chusin Sediakara, also worked with our gallery,” Andi added. If we look back to 1992, when he first started the gallery, Andy only had a love for the arts as his main asset. Prior to that, this man who was last educated at high-school level, had a difficult childhood and only did the odd bits of selling. In 1975, he set up a printing company that produced inner boxes and brochures for the pharmaceutical industry. From his experience of creating graphic designs, Andi soon became intriqued by the arts.

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