Before devoting himself as a painter, Kayun who was born in 1950 learned carving from I Wayan Alip in 1962. He then studied painting from I Wayan Lantur, and continued his study under the guidance of I Gusti Made Kwandji of Peliatan. From Rudolf Bonnet he received guidance in color and composition.

The composition of his works reflects harmony and balance, a common character in traditional Balinese paintings. This appears to be a representation of natural order in the universe; the balance between good and evil which is sought in daily life and religious practice in Bali. He prefers to work on a smaller scale and his coloring is subdued and controlled. His painstaking attention to details is evident in drawing geckos, squirrels, pigs, ducks and dogs, without which villages would scarcely recognizable. He participated in group exhibitions in Balai Desa Peliatan, Lembaga Indonesia-Amerika in Surabaya, Museum Puri Lukisan(Ubud), Bali Museum (Denpasar), and Bentara Budaya Jakarta.

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