Mohammad Irfan, who is often called as M. Irfan, is a painter who was born in Bukittinggi, in 19 October 1972. He is regarded as one of the best-selling Indonesian visual artists in the contemporary art world. His works are being pursued by collectors and are often appearing in auction houses. His paintings are mostly  huge in size. They portray trains, railways, and fumes which give a sense of darkness.

From 30 April – 27 May 2011, M. Irfan just held another exhibition entitled “My Exhibition”/ “Pameranku” in Galeri Soemardja atBandung Institute of Technology. Self-contemplation, family, and injustice become some themes that he explores. Even romance. This time, M. Irfan is talking about his dreams, hopes, ideas, and also struggles faced by his family. Collectors who assumed that this will be another exhibition about “trains” were certainly surprised, they thought this was quite a leap made by the famous Mohammad Irfan!

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