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Contemporary Dialog between Two Countries in Indonesia-Korea Art Exhibition

Celebrating 40 years of diplomatic relationship between South Korea-Indonesia, Association of Korean Contemporary Artists works together with South Korea Embassy and Indonesian National Gallery (Galeri Nasional Indonesia/GNI) organized the second Korean contemporary art exhibition in 14-25 June 2013 in Exhibition Hall C of Indonesian National Gallery – Jakarta. This exhibition involved 32 Korean artists...

Women amidst Beauty and Social Reality

Renowned as an artist who articulates women social issues through her sculpture, Dolorosa Sinaga’s sixth solo exhibition, Menarilah! Dance Your Life at Galeri Cipta II, Taman Ismail Marzuki, is running from 14 to 30 June 2013. The exhibition presents dancing gestures as metaphors that usually envelop women’s realities.  Highlight: Initially, Dolo – as Dolorosa Sinaga is...

Raden Saleh’s Book Launch: Awakening Raden Saleh

After six months, Raden Saleh returns to Jakarta in another form. Not only through his paintings, as in the exhibition “Raden Saleh and the Birth of Modern Indonesian Painting” at National Gallery Indonesia, Jakarta 3–17 June 2012 – a record–breaking art exhibition that drew in the most visitors: 20 thousand people. Raden Saleh came...

The Polemics of Trade Ethics at Art Stage Singapore 2013

What’s the story behind the Indonesian Pavilion (IP) that was part of Art Stage Singapore (ASS) 2013? Unlike previous years, this year ASS set up a particular booth titled IP, featuring 36 Indonesian contemporary artists. The booth drew criticism from the Association of Indonesian Art Gallery (AGSI) because it is considered to be damaging...

Do Not Let Their “Relentless Struggle” Go in Vain: Behind the Theft at Museum Widayat

“... the works of art that have been registered at the museum, whether they are my own works or works by other artists cannot be bought and sold, nor can they be subject to a change-of-hands, by my children and offspring, or by anybody else. What belongs to the museum should stay the property...

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