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Art Mystery or Art History?

Since the opening of the OHD Museum in Magelang (5 April 2012) many reactions circulated in the Indonesian art world. These reactions led to the Fine Art Round Table Discussion in Jakarta (24 May 2012). As an art historian and long time researcher in the field of modern and contemporary Indonesian art I would...

From Connoisseurship To Technical Art History Comments From Art Conservator Renate Kant

Introduction Since the content of the Fine Art Round Table Discussion in Jakarta 24 May 2012 is circulating, it is with great interest and excitement that I am connected with the topic and arguments shared. I enjoyed the openness and quality of the discourse to work on creating objective insights and new judgments. The OHD...

The OHD Museum Saga : An Open Letter to the Indonesian Art World

First of all, private and public cultural institutions must be differentiated. In the European/UK model, high levels of accountability are levied on museums because public trust is tied to public funding. The OHD museum is primarily a private initiative. The OHD museum is not funded by tax payers' money. OHD pays for the works...

Revitalisasi Kota Tua Jakarta: Program-Program Setelah Fiesta Fatahillah

Sebuah kota tidak akan lapuk jika di dalamnya memberi ruang bagi penghuni untuk bisa hidup, bekerja, dan berekreasi. Tiga hal inilah yang harus ada di kawasan Kota Tua Jakarta.  Setelah enam bulan PT Pembangunan Kota Tua Jakarta (Jakarta Old Town Revitalization Corp - JOTRC) dan Jakarta Endowment for Art and Heritage (JEFORAH) terbentuk, keduanya...

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